September 21, 2014

Skippy In Singles Pack

Just the other day, she requested for a snack because she said she was hungry. I knew by the look in her face that she's not, she just wanted me to open the new Skippy Natural Singles peanut butter! LOL! She even saw the apple on the packaging and asked me if she could have some with it too! I guess 3-year old's know what they want already. With much excitement, I prepared it for her. I guess I said yes without hesitation because I knew they were healthy snacks.
Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter - Singles
Skippy Singles - Quantity and SizeDunk your fruits in the cup!
My daughter doesn't go to school yet but she always bring her own bag wherever we go. She asked me if she can put one in her bag and I said yes, of course! I also added another snack so she won't need to eat it on it's own, and so that I won't need to bring a spoon. ;)
Back-to-School Snack
It's a snack on-the-go!
Oh and by the way, another nice thing is you can reuse the cup! Mine will serve as a candy container when she's done eating the rest! :) Maybe your daughter can store her little knickknacks there instead! 
Reuse the cup!
Reuse the cup!
Before I go, I just checked Skippy's Facebook page and saw that Skippy singles are available in two flavors - Natural Creamy and Creamy. :) You can also check the most popular peanut butter brand's website to know more about their products.

I was not paid in any way to do a review of the product mentioned above. I was given a sample to facilitate my review. Everything was based on my honest opinion.

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