September 21, 2014

Pepperoni Recipes

If you thought pepperonis are can only be used for pizza, then you are not being creative with food. Sometime last week I got tired of the usual taste of our red and white pasta, until I discovered a twist to make it more exciting! And it's by adding Hormel Pepperoni Original in the sauce and using it as a topper!
I tried it first with the spaghetti we served during my mom's birthday. Some guests noticed that we used a different kind of sauce, and it was because of the pepperoni topping. They said they never knew it could be added in the sauce and that it turned out good. Well, I just noticed that in the last few months, my imagination is starting to get a bit creative with food. 
Besides using it spaghetti, I also used it as a topper in Pasta Carbonara. This pasta has mushrooms and chicken strips added to it, but the pepperoni, having a bit salty taste, made it even tastier! My husband loved it and he even asked me to put more pepperoni toppings on his pasta.
The day I served the pasta carbonara, I was not able to buy garlic bread to pair with it. I did not know what kind of bread to serve and this one immediately popped in my head. A "Mini-Pepperoni Carbonara Pizza". I just thought about that name. LOL! 

Here's how I did it:
1) Flatten white bread with a rolling pin.
2) Cut the edges if you do not want it, or use sandwich cutter just like I did. You can do just about any shape with this. :)
3) Spread carbonara sauce.
4) Top with pepperoni and cheese. Use whatever kind of cheese you like, I prefer pepperjack. 
5) Bake at 350F for 10 minutes. I only used a toaster oven in this case.
Doesn't it look good? My husband loved my mini-pizzas! He already requested it for breakfast. LOL! I think this would be great to serve as an appetizer during parties too.

I am going to try pepperoni with more recipes next time so stay tuned! ;)

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  1. I never would have thought to add pepperoni into my pasta sauce, but why not? We love pepperoni, so I might just try it.

  2. Mhmm, I get hungry just by looking at it. I love pepperoni.

  3. We love pepporoni. Those dishes look really good.

  4. I love Pepperoni in Pizza. This is also my favorite topping.

  5. Pepperoni is so underused. It's been relegate to staying on pizzas and you see it nowhere else!

  6. We eat more pepperoni then we should. Our family favorite is Pizza Pasta.

  7. I could seriously eat pepperoni with anything! This is definitely a great set of round ups

  8. What a great collection of recipes. I would have NEVER thought to add pepperoni to my pasta. It makes sense though.

  9. These are great recipes! I would have NEVER thought to put pepperoni into my spaghetti, but pepperoni and past DOES kind of make sense.

  10. We put pepperoni in paninis and in with pasta sauces/macaroni as well.

  11. Can't go wrong with pepperoni, my son would put it on everything if he could.


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