September 24, 2014

How To Keep Those Bugs Away!

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Are you the kind of mom who hate bugs? Well, not "hate and kill them" but hate and doesn't want them inside your home kind of thing. Because I am definitely am! 

I used to be really scared of them, especially as a kid. I think being a grown-up and having your own home in the suburbs leaves you no choice but to deal with them almost everyday! I thought, this has to stop! I don't want my daughter to get bitten by them every now and then. I just got to prevent them from coming in (especially when we have visitors in our house who keeps going in and out of our house without closing the door). 
What's in the packaging?
Thumbtacks in case you still need it.A Roll of Velcro
It says in the instructions that it's best to set it up with a friend. I guess I didn't need help because I was able to do it by myself without any hassle, at all!!! I even put mine in less than 10 minutes! I think I am very keen when it comes to setting up things. Don't worry if you are not as keen, you can check out their site or watch the professionals install the screen door so you can do it right, the first time.
Okay, now I am done with the setup and look at those bugs residing right outside our back door. I thought we only had spiders, but I guess we also have beetles, fireflies and other smaller insects. Eeeew! I try to clean them every time especially during summer, but they ALWAYS come back after a day or two! Sometimes I'd get tired and just let them stay there for awhile. Now I guess I wouldn't have to worry much about them anymore!
Bugs 1Bugs 2
Bugs 3Bugs 4
Here's the another thing on how they manage to keep those bugs out. The magnets! There's like two in every feet (or less) to keep it intact. It somewhat functions like an automatic closing door. Just go in and out as you please, hands-free! I think this will help a lot if your hands are full, like when you have to take a hot dish outside or whatever.
Magnets to keep it intact.
If you'll notice, we don't have a storm door but even if we do, I firmly believe this would help a lot in alleviating those pesky bugs. ;) I don't even think I'd need to install a storm door any time soon because this already solved my issue!
Finally installed!Heavy Mesh
Also, even with the heavy mesh (which keeps even the small bugs away), it's nice that I am able to still see the beautiful outdoors and so that I'd be able to easily check on the kids when they are playing outside. And since it uses velcro, I can remove it anytime and just put it back when I need it.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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