October 7, 2013

Healthy Snack in Back-to-School Pack

I am an active House Party member and I always apply whenever they post an open application to host. I recently got accepted in to trying and sharing Udi's Gluten Free products. I am so grateful for their generosity and also because of the tried and tested the quality. I have shared in my other social medias about the other products like pizzas, granolas and bread. For this post, I am going to review what they call "muffin tops".

First flavor, the Udi's Gluten Free Blueberry Oat, this I'd say is my 2-year old's favorite. She actually calls it cookie, it does look like a cookie, it's just that it's soft. There are four muffin tops in a box and each is separately packed in a plastic wrap, as you can see in the photo. That's makes it perfect as kids snack for school. The bread itself is moist and soft but enough to eat with bare hands. For OCD moms, I suggest eat it with a fork if you don't want crumbs to fall. You'd want to save the crumbs because you don't want to waste the delicious treat. As for serving at home, I just unwrap them and toss in it the oven for 10 seconds, just right to not feel the coldness because I have sensitive teeth. If you want a warmer one, add more time.

The Chocolate Chia is also as soft and moist. It has some chocolate chips and the texture is more like a wheat bread. The sweetness is just right, you can eat two servings without having the need to drink water.

So having tried and tested it, am I going to continue munching on them? Yes! First, because it's a healthier option for me, and second, because my daughter liked it. :)

I was not compensated to do a review of the products or services mentioned this post. I received free coupons from House Party to share with my group but I was not required to make a review of it. Everything was based on my 100% honest opinion.

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